See What a Facebook User Posted (Must Read)


A Nigerian, names withheld, took to his facebook wall few days ago to post this amazing content…


I pledge to Nigeria, My country
To be Faithful, loyal and honest even when i’m Hungry
They(politicians) promised food, Food we didn’t see
No be person wey chop belle full they drink tea?
We have talked tire
There’s no smoke with Fire
All the old politicians don’t want to retire
I will keep on writing/talking till they(politicians) hear
If you love Nigeria, let me see your hands in the air
Somebody, anybody please tell me the truth
Because any small thing people will blame the youth
From kidnapping my bro/sis to religious crisis
Fuel scarcity is one of the surprises
Our own hospitals are not in good condition
Medical check up for oversea is their vision and mission
Nigerians tell me, who be fool? Is it the ruler or the people he is ruling?
They told us that Education is the key to success
But to go to school in Nigeria is a Big Stress
Their(politicians) Children are schooling overseas
When Strike is happening in our Universities
Let their Children come back and school with us together
Let them see that kaki is not leather
I thought this is a government for the people?
Or should we try a ruler that is cripple?
Because people that gat no leg can’t walk, Imagine all us get mouth but we cannot talk
Our primary schools get black board but no chalk
and if you donate chalk, they see you as incredible hulk
All the politicians that embezzle our Moneyand don’t want the growth of Nigeria, Holy ghost will surely Fire all of you

Lol. I guess you took notice of the rhymings? One word for this guy.

First posted on #Naijlog

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